Selling Your Home in Baton Rouge

What does it really take to sell your home?

What does it take to sell your home in Baton Rouge? It’s fairly simple, but finding a great agent with what it takes is not always easy. Professional photography is a must. Most people shop online for their homes these days, and if you don’t grab them online, you will never get them through your front door. Social media is a huge factor in selling…

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Things I have loved…

Fast Cars

  My favorite car ever was a 1972 Gran Torino Super Sport. Somehow my younger brother and I traded cars. I obviously got the better end of the deal. It was a hideous baby blue color with multi-color vector stripe that was also hideous. I don’t know the exact engine it had, but it was a V-8 and 351 something. I saved my money and…

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Houses with Flair

Something special

┬áSometimes I list a house that has a lot of charm, character and unexpected detail. Here’s a cool house I just listed in Watson, Louisiana, that has been totally remodeled and updated. It has so many interesting features and custom details for an older home, and the added benefit of big bedrooms and a very cool step-down formal living room. ON AN ACRE!! Sweet.

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Mother’s Day

Having one and being one

I love Mother’s Day. It’s one of the days every year that I just do not way, no how. I figure if I survived giving birth to my beautiful, gorgeous, 10 lb. baby girls, I should celebrate that. And I survived being a daughter to a mother with high expectations which I failed pretty much across the board for a very long time, I…

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Baton Rouge Real Estate Update

Assisted Living Facilities in High Demand According to NOLA Report Interesting information, and a sure sign of our aging baby boomer population, myself included!!  

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Memory Adjustments

AKA Alzheimer's

In no uncertain terms, my father has Alzheimer’s. It’s sad and funny, challenging and sometimes makes you feel as if you are losing your own mind. His health is basically amazing for the age of 77; he walks miles per week, gets around great, and does pretty much everything he wants to except drive and know that he has a huge collection of guns and…

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To Sell or Not to Sell

There's really no question

There is no question….SELL, SELL, SELL. My last 8 listings have gone under contract in 5 days or less, not to mention multiple offers on several houses. This includes houses in Baton Rouge, Central, Greenwell Springs and Denham Springs. Selling a home anywhere in Southeast Louisiana is a snap with a great marketing plan, realistic pricing and a plan to drive prequalified buyers through your…

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Thinking out loud

So here I sit on Derby Day, realizing that no one else is home and I have very little idea of how to turn on the TV. I think one remote goes to the TV and one goes to the cable box, but not sure which one, I guess they are both branded. That might be a bit much to admit, given that I am…

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I could sell dry ice…

No Sales Allowed

I love recruiting new agents. I have been recruiting agents since 2008, when I started working for a company that paid me a bonus for each warm body aka real estate agent I dragged through the door and made a part of that convoluted tribe. Every Monday morning I sent out a recruiting email, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning I called agents trying to…

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